List search extender in ajax example

ListSearchExtender Control in AJAX Using ASP.NET

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Introduction The ListSearchExtender provides the ability to search items in ListBox and DropDownList control by typing. It performs searching on the basis of typed input. Here are some properties of the ListSearchExtender, of which we will use in our application.. PromptText : It displays the message in the ListBox or DropDownList control. The default text is "Type to search".

ListSearchExtender Control in AJAX Using ASP.NET

Ajax List Search Extender - Tekslate

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12/28/2014 · Example The following example demonstrates how to use the list search extender. Add a page to the website and then place a Toolkit Script Manager and a ListBox on the page and within the Listbox Add some Items. Within HTML source of the page with in the head section create a CSS style with the name prompt as follws.