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VenderCentral Ltd
The link to Enroll to your course is NOT WORKING
Comment from : VenderCentral Ltd

Xavier Valenciano
Excelente video 👍
Comment from : Xavier Valenciano

Umu Anas
even if I am last one who comment it i will send love from somali thank you sir this lesson is very helpful
Comment from : Umu Anas

Amani Bouguila
code in drive plz
Comment from : Amani Bouguila

Yeah dude
Woow amazing. Keep going bro
Comment from : Yeah dude

Ukie Creative
Share template please
Comment from : Ukie Creative

Techno Job
Sir I need this code
Comment from : Techno Job

sunil itagi
Please guide me how to create website using HTML and CSS it's humble request.i know the basics
Comment from : sunil itagi

Moosa Khan
my icons and text are overlapping each other in the center?plz help
Comment from : Moosa Khan

Mauricio Miamoto
someone has html and css ready this menu, could not do could send to me in my email mauriciojapa@gmail.com thank you
Comment from : Mauricio Miamoto

md manik
From Bangladesh
Liked it

Comment from : md manik

i knew
All are working except ,my css didnt do nothing on the page.Only the html show.
Comment from : i knew

Tyrrell Davis
Flex and absolute position don't conflict with each other at all?
Comment from : Tyrrell Davis

Sandra S
Thanks from Poland;) You are a great teacher!
Comment from : Sandra S

Healthy Cooking & Tips
my overflow is not hidden..what do I do? I did the same
Comment from : Healthy Cooking & Tips

Genius Store
Can i have this code please
Comment from : Genius Store

yahya 2020
Source download
Comment from : yahya 2020

אושר רווח
Hey , why when im adding the "Display : Flex" the list is still vertical ?
Comment from : אושר רווח

Eric WTS97
Hi~Can this use on website?
Comment from : Eric WTS97

Zekarias Araya
It is called Sublime Text editor. You can download it from this site for free:- www.sublimetext.com/3
Comment from : Zekarias Araya

What text editor are you using
Comment from : MemeLover

Amerah Bless Nantes
i like the song's "background" anyone can tell me what's the title?
Comment from : Amerah Bless Nantes

Aylin Almatkyzy
How to do sub pages with this nav bar???😖😖 pls, can u help me, I tried a lot of ways, didn’t work
Comment from : Aylin Almatkyzy

I want ask someone
Comment from : MF AJA

Your videos are really awesome. I am pretty happy to be part of your subcribers. How ever, i can't find this video on your Android App from play store. Can you please tell if it is because is dated from last year may 2018? Thanks again for almost all source codes on Android App
Comment from : DaWinnerTV

These videos really are awesome. I am pretty much okay with HTML and CSS, but I watch them, to see if I come to the same conclusions that you do. If I do not, I have learned something new.
Comment from : magburner

sham parmar
can i get the source code?
Comment from : sham parmar

Daya Zepeda
linda cancion ♥
Comment from : Daya Zepeda

Juan Ignacio Rios
Hi! The "Position Absolute" makes all the icons and texts be at the same spot and it only shows me the first icon and the first text, and we i use the positivon relative, its all vertical
Comment from : Juan Ignacio Rios

Muhammad Boota
Thanks for Sharing Such a good Knowledge. Allah Ap ko Hmasa Khush Rkhaa.
Comment from : Muhammad Boota

the column for icon not works for me why?
Comment from : shxhrco

Daniel Orosz
Awesome! I lost at the end lol
Need to watch again for sure!
Thank you!

Comment from : Daniel Orosz

Like from Ukraine. Best UI tutorials channel on youtube
Comment from : RavenTheX

Lakshmi Pathi
Kindly make a video -> how add submenu with images and text below the responsive navigation bar
Comment from : Lakshmi Pathi

Lakshmi Pathi
Kindly make a video -> how add submenu with images and text below the responsive navigation bar.
Comment from : Lakshmi Pathi

Fstar Dmo
great video
Comment from : Fstar Dmo

Please make a video on horizontal scrolling.🙏🙏
Comment from : UMA MISHRA

jakub klos
Great tutorial, But unfortunatly without the audio the last few minute are a little bit difficult to understand, especially the bit with text-data and span elements inside the name class, a explenation of that would increase the level of the tutorial and wil be really helpful.

Thanks so much for the tuts!

Comment from : jakub klos

The best Html and Css tutorial channel in existence!
Btw, why don't you use different songs in videos? NCS has great free songs

Comment from : MareGraphics

Nazeeru Md
Awesome bro....
Comment from : Nazeeru Md

Greek Warrior
Hey man for some reason my icon going right bot corner???? How can i fix that???
Comment from : Greek Warrior

nice video but provide code though.
Comment from : Sandeep

Inam Shaikh
Which software are you use?
Comment from : Inam Shaikh

Greek Warrior
My man... You are the best!!!! Definitely I'm gonna use this menu in my webpage
Comment from : Greek Warrior

if i want to add sub items in each menu item how can i do it?
Comment from : Atimad EL KHAOUAT

Channel BiDD
You've just had a new fan bro xD
Comment from : Channel BiDD

Official Game Channel
Hi would like to ask if the user would hover to the icon. How are we going to make it dropdown automatically with that animation. Is it responsive ? Sorry for the questions I’m not home yet to try the codes
Comment from : Official Game Channel

Youssef Abdaoui
Please you can responsive this menu
Comment from : Youssef Abdaoui

John Jordan Dionisio
Somehow the data-text doesnt work to me can anybody help?
Comment from : John Jordan Dionisio

Comment from : Виталий

Francisco José Martín
I hope one day I can program like you...🙂
Comment from : Francisco José Martín

Sukhdeep Kaur
Just Awesome
Thank you

Comment from : Sukhdeep Kaur

Rahul Mehta
can we use fa fa icons offline without usage of internet or it’s requirement
Comment from : Rahul Mehta

thiago barbieri do amaral
The best tutorials! My like here from Brazil.
Comment from : thiago barbieri do amaral

Rahul Rudra Paul
Hey I am unable to set my menu bar with 2 options at middle I have seen many videos but didn't get what I am looking for plz help me
Comment from : Rahul Rudra Paul

Gamal Abdall
Muhammed, There is online university "UDEMY" that offers to people courses from videos like yours, I think if you contacted them and show them your work, you will be able to teach there through your videos, All they do is offers your videos to their student a classes and you shall be getting either steady salary from them or per course salary, all you have to do is contact them and give them the address to your youtube videos and once they see them they will decide and may God create a way for you in their world.
Comment from : Gamal Abdall

Anirudh Soni
Change the song
But esa hi kuch rakhna

Comment from : Anirudh Soni

Hasan Ahmed
I see all of your videos.
Please see, How to do 'Custom Togglable tabs.js'?

Comment from : Hasan Ahmed

Would you like to make a video of how to make 404 error page,that will be responsive or ,just,with some special effects?
Comment from : Barracuda

Ao Nguyen Duc
Tks pro
Comment from : Ao Nguyen Duc

Nice bro
Comment from : SOLUTION

Very nice video,thank you!
Comment from : Barracuda

Youssef Abdaoui
Is not responsive pro
Comment from : Youssef Abdaoui

Эрмек. Султанов
Thank you very much for your work, your lessons are very helpful, very glad that I found your channel, thanks again :)
Comment from : Эрмек. Султанов

Hữu Chiến Nguyễn
Best css3
Comment from : Hữu Chiến Nguyễn

Sumon Kabir
Awesome work <3
Comment from : Sumon Kabir

The Kingfisher
I am just waiting for this.............at last you are upload this..........Thanks "Brother..............But responsive navigation bar needed.........Plzzzzzzzzzz upload this type of menu in fully responsive, if you have time.......!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks
Comment from : The Kingfisher

Props! C h a n n e l
Please answer me :(
Comment from : Props! C h a n n e l

Yudhi Prasetyo
its really awesome, hope you continues to make a full design of the website
Comment from : Yudhi Prasetyo

gamer player
piiiiiiiiiii the best
Comment from : gamer player

çağatay emre ünal
awesome bro. you're good at this. Congrats.
Comment from : çağatay emre ünal

moha med
انا أدمنت علي قناتك
I became addicted to your channel .. no day without watching tuts brother...

Comment from : moha med

Mohammed Bakr
Nice, The best channel for UI developer.
Comment from : Mohammed Bakr

Technical Tips
Bro pls make image slider and carrousel
Comment from : Technical Tips

Leslie Aikpe
you're fantastic
Comment from : Leslie Aikpe

ato o
Always first Like👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Comment from : ato o

Technical Tips
Comment from : Technical Tips

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