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Rogier Tazehkand
Bul...sht company
Comment from : Rogier Tazehkand

A Christian
No plans in RIP-Off Canada are any good. You would not believe what Telstra in Oz will give you. Canada lives in the dark ages.
Comment from : A Christian

Comment from : ALYYY BOO

holy crap! lol Hey, what's the service like now? I have an iPhone 8plus but I'm wanting to upgrade to the 11 max but my current provider (Rogers) is charging like you said $150 a month which is ridiculous. Would switching to Freedom be a bad idea? I live in Sauga and never leave the GTA. Thanks!
Comment from : Patrick

Sherry Khong
Why does it say home 3G
Comment from : Sherry Khong

Marco Stagg
They have there own cell towers cant blame them it's very expensive to do that because all the big companies wont help them out for good reasons
Comment from : Marco Stagg

Skunky Stinkerson
the plans are good but the network is broken, badly flawed, and too many annoying glitches. you get what you pay for... switch to Lucky mobile and I can't be happier (my new plan isn't as good but at least I have a network that works)
Comment from : Skunky Stinkerson

Bob Smith
Thanks for the video!!! Its quite useful. Since you posted they have expanded freedoms network and the quality is getting better.
Comment from : Bob Smith

Jefferson Domingo
Freedom mobile is decent for me in Edmonton
Comment from : Jefferson Domingo

Rob Davidson
Freedom mobile is a fraudulent company ..it calls it's customers conning them into moving from.prepaid to post paid and does not wait for them to decide but prods them..cons them into making changes...Wind was bad and so is Freedom it's the same thing really it has had improvements to wind...but they call prepaid customers and con them into moving to post paid and they cut off the line before allowing them to decide and instantly move them into a post paid.. DON'T trust these companies...they want your cash period...and they will find ways to get you cash..all companies are pretty bad for this but the cheaper companies are going to con you big time..once they get what they want they will change plans and start to align themselves with the bigger companies...fact!I spent 2 hours on the phone talking about post paid account I didn't agree to they hung up and changed my account without my permission...sneaky bastards!Don't trust ANY of these companies cheaper or more expensive they all suck the cash from your wallet that's their goal!
Comment from : Rob Davidson

There's no contract. Get a used phone & try it for a month without cancelling your current provider. If it does not work just cancel, if not just port your current number.
Comment from : RockerGuy0001

Smaller company has the most LOL services in terms of reception this is owned by shaw cable and they arent good with receptopn .. if u dont mind drop calls n delayed text messages
Comment from : J K

Miklós Mezei
Bro Burrito Boyz is the best! Lol
Comment from : Miklós Mezei

Houman Shariati
Are you still with them? Can you make another review? I am planning to move but not sure.
Comment from : Houman Shariati

Shadan Q
I recently switched to freedom on an iPhone 6, service is generally okay but there are minor issues with indoor reception and dead zones. Would getting an iPhone 8 or newer fix those issues or not since it has the band 66 in your opinion?

UPDATE: Seems like they have announced extended range LTE Band 13 so hopefully that helps

UPDATE Aug 2019: Changed to iPhone 8, speeds are nice and fast but signal penetration still needs work especially at York university (opening shot of the vid) , gave them over a year to improve but hasn’t been improved.

Comment from : Shadan Q

Rishi Kaintura
Were you in Sherway mall........?
Comment from : Rishi Kaintura

Freedom mobile for HTC M9 they still can't solve my problem for mms messaging I'm so pissed. It worked fine now I can't send or receive pics.
Comment from : 2012stang302

Bruno Rinaldi
Hi Maiku! First at all, thank you for your review and sharing experience. I was using Wind between 2016 and 2017 and you are right, it was terrible! I am coming back to Toronto soon and I was wondering wich phone company I should go for and your video helps me a lot. Just one question...I will live pretty close to yorkdale shopping mall and on your video you were there. How is the signal reception over there now? Before, when it was Wind, I could not use my phone at home, that is why I am asking you that. Thank you Maiku. Big hug PS/ Sorry if there is some English mistakes.
Comment from : Bruno Rinaldi

R u at Yorkdale mall?
Comment from : Major

Angela Calvan
I live in the GTA but im in a small town near sauga and i want to switch to freedom but im scared the service is going to be bad.
Comment from : Angela Calvan

jo7a jo7a
its so bad service everywhere. if not you will not change your name from wind to freedom. and both of them bad.!!!!
Comment from : jo7a jo7a

Freedom mobile is complete garbage. Wind was awesome. Freedom mobile basically has all the downsides of all the big dog carriers and none of the upsides...
Comment from : AmbSwizag

I'm enjoying video brother I'm joining freedom mobile I'm in Brampton

Matthew Torok-Smith
Freedom just wasn’t for me. It was way too slow in Ottawa so I went with Videotron and am satisfied with their rates and service. I now live in Toronto for college and Videotron uses a partner network in Toronto and it works great! Also, I love that burrito place too!
Comment from : Matthew Torok-Smith

Maxi James
that dude is always in the subway
Comment from : Maxi James

Bell give me 60 dollars 10 gbs data plan unlimited Canadian long distance text global world text voicemail best service

Great if you live in a city and most people hardly go anyplace anyways. Best price if that is where your doing your talking. 10 G or more is wonderful. Other telecom companies are have sale drives but not very often.
Comment from : 000Virtual

I love Yorkdale amazing place I hate telus is crap

Now that it’s April, and the new towers have been completed. Have you noticed any changes from Feedom Mobile? Their current plans expire next week, so I’m strongly considering if to choose them.
Comment from : 619 WWE FAN

Support freedom mobile! Don’t let the big 3 take advantage of us. In the US there is competition so you get low prices and amazing unlimited plans. If everyone left the big 3 then they’ll offer better plans at much better prices. Do it for CANADA!
Comment from : BJaggernauth

Bad reception in Vancouver,limited coverage at city outskirts
Comment from : Lexus

Streamer Highlights
good review, considering to switch to Freedom because of the internet plan they have.
Comment from : Streamer Highlights

So if I go over my 5GB limit does it slow down to 3G?
Comment from : Backtoshallabal

Are you currently working for freedom?
Comment from : HUI YANG

My question is why are all iPhones 7 and older only available in Western Canada only.
Comment from : Ramza

Lol I am with Freedom Mobile and I'm not enjoying it... My iPhone 8 Plus is defective after my 5th device from Apple... Its still defective. Can't experience the service fully because my phone only has band 7
Comment from : LiteGaming

Paul Williams
how often does it switch from LTE  to 3G ?
Comment from : Paul Williams

Paul Williams
how often does it switch from LTE  to 3G ?
Comment from : Paul Williams

I finished the video, and wanted to add. I’m Lebanese, so it was interesting to compare some of the Syrian dishes to the Lebanese :)
Comment from : 619 WWE FAN

Hey dude, firstly I loved your video. The location of the camera when shooting a video, really enjoyed it :)

I’m considering getting freedom mobile as well, and it’s great to hear their services have already improved, even before the spring time massive improvements they have planned for the GTA.

My only current confusion is their phone plans. It easier to understand in the Big 3 websites, but wasn’t as clear on Freedom mobile. But if i can really get unlimited text / calling, and 10 GB for just around 60 dollars, much better than paying 140 bucks from the big 3 O.o

Comment from : 619 WWE FAN

Koal Kottentail
To whomever is reading this. Stay FAR AWAY from this company Freedom Mobile. There service is limited to Southern Ontario, and you will experience dropped calls in some Urban areas.

I had been a Fido customer for years and made the switch to freedom on December of 2017. They offer a 15 day buyers remorse period under contract which states a return of all devices in mint condition and a cancellation of services with no charges of cancellation or services guaranteed. Not only did I follow through with the return process accordingly, I did a second back check to confirm with head office that my account had been closed making reference of all customer reps. They even left me a voicemail the next day confirming my account was successfully closed and I didn't owe them a penny. I did not owe them anything. I retained all my records, plus receipts of the return everything went smoothly... So I thought. I switched to Telus Network paying $60 a month for unlimited everything and 3 gigs of LTE data a month. The power of negotiation and being a former employee from way back. Now just yesterday (Feb 4th, 2018), I receive a credit collections notice claiming I owe them $42.21. I contacted customer service and ripped into them. They admitted that it was a mistake on their part after 45 minutes of back and forth, and are now going through the process of contacting the collections agency to cancel the debt they claim I owe. I have documented everything. They are promising me three days they will clear everything up and prevent collections from reporting too, and impacting my credit report or else it is going to be a Lawsuit. And yes I am THAT petty lol, and have legal counsel who would gladly do it for free. I have excellent credit, so I was highly offended to see this ridiculous letter in the mail. Very unprofessional company, stay away from them. They don't know what they're doing. I've been with service providers for years paying my bills early every month and have never EVER been sent to collections on any debt claim in my life. I still have the record of all the paper work. Don't say you were never warned, but hey some people like to learn things the hard way. Good luck though.

Comment from : Koal Kottentail

Yunping Ai
thank you for sharing
Comment from : Yunping Ai

Looks good. I’m still deciding since I’m moving out. I only have $60 budget.
Comment from : AscendedLove

this is really helpful, i might just go with Wind and see how things go here in Edmonton
Comment from : KIHMARY X

hell no lmao
Comment from : 912sonic

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