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lamoy taffe
That was very useful
Comment from : lamoy taffe

Rosana beipi
For control center you could just swipe down on the edge of the home button thing for iPhone X and onwards
Comment from : Rosana beipi

Ahsan Javed
An anyone tell how can i check details of photo or vdo??
Comment from : Ahsan Javed

I_LoveDielochis_Forever Love
I Love it and i Love my IPhone 11 and the Memoji 😍😍❤️❤️
Comment from : I_LoveDielochis_Forever Love

For the 2nd trick, I’ll show you how to racially profile with your Memoji. Jk jk I’m seriously jk dude, interesting video 👌🏻
Comment from : awill6192

Marcelo Julião
The lyrics feature only works if you pay Apple Music??
Comment from : Marcelo Julião

My favourite iDevice vid in many moons. Thanks.
Comment from : kathleenb

Sriram Gowtham
Comment from : Sriram Gowtham

I couldn’t play radio
Comment from : Watchables

Chris ‘D Notorious
I can’t download the ignition.
Please tell me how to download it?
The install button doesn’t work
Plz reply me what to do

Comment from : Chris ‘D Notorious

The lyrics trick with imusic doesn’t work on my iPhone, it’s not highlighted in red. And I am running the latest software 13.3.
Comment from : Vegas_small_timer

Deontae Belcher
Only one I liked/didn’t know about is the radio one but now I do thanks a lot 😁😁
Comment from : Deontae Belcher

Tony Trenkle Jr
Last one didnt work so well lol
Comment from : Tony Trenkle Jr

Faisal Khan
Comment from : Faisal Khan

Sherry Grewal
Knew every single one of them
Comment from : Sherry Grewal

Night Yamagi
Hey i know something about iphone7 above
Comment from : Night Yamagi

Venci Nacario
0:52 damn that lyrics ain’t looking 😂😂 good

Youtube: This is not pick up by the A.I.

FBI: (knocks on the door)

Comment from : Venci Nacario

John Waid
Awesome thanks
Comment from : John Waid

Muhammad Sayyid
Do you know how to get Sign In with Apple ?
Comment from : Muhammad Sayyid

Mojtaba Sediqi
That’s awesome, thanks for sharing 👍🏼
Comment from : Mojtaba Sediqi

XO Tahmid
You can use tap to wake to unlock and assistive touch to lock your iphone.
Comment from : XO Tahmid

yuvakishorreddy mallela
Hai bro my I phone is disabled connect to itunes how to open tell me bro
Comment from : yuvakishorreddy mallela

Dimas MJ
Thanks! The radio thing is really usefull
Comment from : Dimas MJ

Jio Torres
That radio trick is awesome thanks!
Comment from : Jio Torres

Junjun Alac
How do you delete photos permanently without going to the recently deleted photo.
Comment from : Junjun Alac

Mukul Sidhwani
When is the jailbreak for ios13 for A13 devices coming?
Comment from : Mukul Sidhwani

ROZEEN Ali Sidhu
Hi sir could u let me how to use on iso 13 disabled screen tuch on watching youtube or more thx
Comment from : ROZEEN Ali Sidhu

Riyas Mohamad
Bro need siri to play Indian Station Radio for the next video
Comment from : Riyas Mohamad

Jacqueline Johnson
Well I S 14 ios out
Comment from : Jacqueline Johnson

Blake Daze
I am becoming a big fan of your vids! And thank you for the cool wallpapers sir!
Comment from : Blake Daze

Nyet Nine
If you're an adult and you use a (and I can't believe I'm even going to type this word) "memoji" you have REAL issues.
Comment from : Nyet Nine

“Play 104.7 Radio”

Siri: “Playing Q105”


Comment from : GaminSlime

CMkarma 555
I love this video I always learn something thank you
Comment from : CMkarma 555

jal dharan
Boss your videos always useful , thanks
Comment from : jal dharan

A. C.
I’m confused as to why you have a country accent when you say guys and then try sounds northern. 😂 where are you from lmaoo
Comment from : A. C.

Αρνί Γιούλμπασι
Thanks for the Siri/radio one. Didn’t know that 🙏
Comment from : Αρνί Γιούλμπασι

iam Meme
5:24 omg thx🤍
Comment from : iam Meme

iam Meme
Some lyrics you can’t fast forward and i hate that🥺
Comment from : iam Meme

The Revenge Gamer
Dope video man loved it!
Comment from : The Revenge Gamer

David The Apple Tech Guy
You don’t need that button to access control center. You can just turn on reachability and just swipe down at the bottom and the all screen comes down and you can easily access he control center.
Comment from : David The Apple Tech Guy

How come iPhone 8 doesn’t have Animoji
Comment from : iiStrain

Trey L Johnson
Bro always something new love you bro 💪🏾 when next update ios
Comment from : Trey L Johnson

Akash Lagun
Hit the like button if your watching in a
iphone 11.

Comment from : Akash Lagun

Make video for Apple Watch 5 tricks 👍
Comment from : SADEK GRG

Jatt Waad
Comment from : Jatt Waad

Fernando Tutoriais Tec
Like 🇧🇷
Comment from : Fernando Tutoriais Tec

Whatsapp Status Universe
Bro if you love your Subscribers,Love my comment ❤️
Comment from : Whatsapp Status Universe

Naveed Alam Official
Sir Upload video editing
Comment from : Naveed Alam Official

Comment from : Plainrock

M Krachmarov
Yass first
Comment from : M Krachmarov

Zahran Azeez
Apps to watch movies/tvshows from app store
Comment from : Zahran Azeez

Erzen Gaming
Hello i love watching your videos keep up the good work ❤🤎💜
Comment from : Erzen Gaming

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